World wide leader in providing turn-key business management Ship Supply software

We maintain strong ties with Microsoft Corporation as a Microsoft Certified Partner therefore we deliver tomorrow’s technology to the maritime industry.

Since 1988, we have been supplying companies around the globe with solutions that allow our customers to manage their businesses efficiently. We have a rich history of building innovative software solutions and providing our customers with world class customer service and support.

Given our maritime industry specific knowledge and our enterprise software competencies, we are an indispensable source of our customer’s competitive advantage by providing companies with standard software based on advanced and unique Microsoft technologies.

With our proven business management solution we’re able to offer a value proposition by incorporating maritime business intelligence and reliability into improved operational efficiency leading to time and cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and boosted levels of productivity.

Maintaining an outside-in perspective, ShipCentric continues to participate in a multitude of worldwide maritime conferences and maintains industry affiliations with a variety of organizations including ISSA (International Ship Supply Association), NAMS (North American Marine Service), CSSA (Canadian Ship Supply Association), and SASS (Singapore Association of Ship Suppliers). Our participation in the industry has allowed us to get involved in critical issues and deliver solutions to our customers that will solve them.

Our corporation is established worldwide with local subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia/Pacific regions. ShipCentric solutions are delivered globally through our extensive Value Added Reseller (VAR) network to ensure that our customers can benefit from a local presence.

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